Overcoming Addictions


Are you looking for the convenience of 24/7 availability in learning and using SMART Recovery?

Do you want to have the best possible outcomes in your efforts to achieve and maintain your sobriety?

Overcoming Addictions is a new alternative in the spectrum of recovery options.

Overcoming Addictions is a confidential and interactive web app that can help you achieve and maintain abstinence from addictions. It’s based on the 4-Point Program® of SMART Recovery.

Overcoming Addictions is scientifically proven to be effective!The 4 Points of SMART Recovery are:
  • 1: Building and Maintaining Motivation
    2: Coping with Urges
    3: Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors
    4: Living a Balanced Life

In each of these elements there are a number of tools you can use to help you achieve your goals. The tools are interactive and require your input and effort to be helpful.

Overcoming Addictions has parallel but separate modules for addiction recovery from alcohol, marijuana, opioids, stimulants, as well as compulsive gambling.

In a recent study in conjunction with and funded by the NIAAA, participants using the Overcoming Addictions web app significantly reduced their alcohol-related problems, increased their rates of abstinence, and decreased their drinking on days when they did drink.


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Please note this is a fee-based service provided by Behavior Therapy Associates, LLC.
SMART Recovery receives a donation for each participant in this service.


Video Introduction to Overcoming Addictions



Confidentiality & Anonymity

With Overcoming Addictions, we treat the information you provide with the same level of confidentiality as a medical record. We do require an email address during registration so that if you forget your login information we can automatically send it to you. We also use your email address if you choose to receive customized emails that can help you with your recovery.

In return for your honesty and self-disclosure we promise that we will not label or diagnose you. We will not tell you what you must do. We will not preach to you. We will treat you with respect.

Your participation is confidential and can also be anonymous. The only identifying information we require is an email address. We don’t share that with anyone. If you want complete anonymity, consider setting up an email account just for this course. Create the account with a username that’s not your real name (e.g. sailor@gmail.com).

You may find that some of your exercises are really helpful. If so, you can share them with other users. This is entirely voluntary though. The default is for all of your exercises to remain confidential.



“Overcoming Addictions was very helpful. I like how it built on itself as it went along. I also liked the tone of the language on the site. It felt very understanding and non-judgmental.” M.D.


“I am feeling all kinds of freedom that I had not experienced in the past. I feel like I am growing and stretching and learning. There has been a lot of internal progress, and I am so grateful for my time at SMART Recovery. SMART Recovery Online really is a home base for me—my touchstone. Community meetings have been beneficial to me, as well. I have had some good long lapses, but I have always stayed in touch online. And I’ve had some darn good successes, too—I’m now 2+ years sober and continuing to grow.” D.C.


Other Program Features

The program features a customized messaging system. You can set up emails and/or text messages to remind you of your reasons for changing, your plans for changing and other timely messages.

Overcoming Addictions also includes a set of meditation/relaxation exercises in the program that have evidence of effectiveness in helping people recover from addictions all by themselves.


Development of This Course

Dr. Reid HesterOvercoming Addictions was developed by Dr. Reid Hester, Director of the Research Division of Behavior Therapy Associates, LLC. Dr. Hester is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive research and clinical expertise in helping people recover from addictions.

Behavior Therapy Associates LLC is an organization of psychologists providing clinical services, research, training for healthcare and mental health providers, and consultation to programs.

Consultants during the development of Overcoming Addictions include:

    • • Dr. Ralph Elkins(stimulants)
    • • Dr. Robert Stephens (marijuana)
    • • Dr. George Woody (opioids)
    • • Dr. Nancy Petry (compulsive gambling)
    • • Dr. Tom Horvath, President of SMART Recovery®
    • • Dr. Henry Steinberger, editor of the SMART Recovery® Handbook.

Neither this web app nor Behavior Therapy Associates, LLC is associated with any formal treatment program.

This web app has been developed under a grant from the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1 R44 AA016237). The contents of this program are solely the responsibility of Dr. Reid Hester and the staff of Behaviour Therapy Associates, LLC and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).