Guidelines for Effective Self-Promotion


self promotion1. Take time to list all your accomplishments and qualifications.
2. Examine how you feel when you are talking about your assets.

Do you feel awkward and tense?


3. What messages are you telling yourself?

Do you wonder if people will think you’re boasting?
Are you concerned about your perceived lack of accomplishment?


4. Identify your irrational beliefs. E.g.:

People should automatically see my accomplishments.
I couldn’t stand it if people thought I was bragging.
I am not good enough for this job.
Any other irrational beliefs you hear yourself saying.


5. Challenge these shoulds, musts and demands for comfort and approval.

Why is it awful to remind people of my value?
Why can’t I stand people thinking I am boastful if it will help my career?

6. Replace your irrational beliefs with more rational ideas.

It is useful to find ways to show my worth to the organization even if others don’t approve.
If I don’t believe in myself, who will?


7. Develop a careful plan to make significant people aware of your accomplishments.

“Memo” or verbally inform people when you complete a significant project.
Report your successes in the company newsletter.


8. Don’t be discouraged or put off if others laugh at your efforts.

9. Stay focused – your goal is to be recognized as a valuable employee.

10. Relax and be patient – success is a long-term project, not an immediate need.



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