SMART Recovery began in 1994 in the United States. It has grown into a worldwide network of self-help meetings, both face-to-face and online, where participants can get help from others in recovery. SMART Recovery BC was organized in March of 2008.   in 2021, SMARTRecoveryAPAC.org was organized to support those in the Asia Pacific Region of Hawaii, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Philippines, and more. due to an overwhelming number of requests from US Active Military personnel and Veterans we sought to provide a Science-Based solution that was needed all along but magnified as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic.


The most important people to our organization are those who are trying to change their addictive behavior using our meetings and online resources. We also offer support to family members in British Columbia through our Family & Friends program and meetings. Due to the “online” nature and availability of our “tool chest” and Online meetings, SMART Recovery BC


Because of the way SMART Recovery meetings work, there is a need for a Facilitator to keep things on track. Since the meetings are our core activity, these meeting Facilitators are key. Our Facilitators, both online and at face-to-face meetings are people who are in recovery themselves and are ‘giving back’ to help others who have the kinds of problems they have themselves overcome. They give their time freely as volunteers, undergo thorough training, and follow our Facilitators code of conduct. We keep in touch with and consult with Facilitators through this website, online peer support meetings, and newsletters. A great deal of our work is making sure Facilitators have good materials, information, and training to help them run good meetings.


This is a team of SMART Recovery volunteers, over 4,000+, and staff who gather bi-monthly and whose purpose is to review successes, less-than-successful endeavors, progress, and setbacks, and to brainstorm/exchange ideas relevant to the organization’s growth and well being.


We have a small team of paid staff who help keep SMART Recovery running and moving forward.

SMART Recovery is not and will not become a treatment service provider. SMARTRecoveryBC & SMARTRecoveryAPAC recruits & trains staff, known as Facilitators, to actually facilitate meetings. This is an important principle that will protect the movement from losing its core strength in mutual aid. As the organization grows, there may be a need to expand the paid staff team a little, but keep the focus of the movement as a whole on the traditions and strengths of volunteering.


Like all British Columbia and USA Not-For-Profits, we have a structure that includes volunteers who oversee the running and direction of the charity and, through regular meetings, make sure it stays within the law and has a strong future.


SMART Recovery has a Partnership scheme with professional care and treatment services. This involves us training some of their staff as ‘SMART Recovery Champions’ so that they can kick start meetings within their services, introduce service users to SMART and encourage some to become Facilitators and start their own peer-led meetings in the community. Our relationship with partners is to offer training and license our program and materials.


SMART Recovery operates as a non-profit organization in many countries including the United States mainland, the UK, Canada, Australia, and 20+ additional countries. SMART Recovery BC & SMART Recovery APAC works closely with the not-for-profit organization in the USA that ‘owns’ SMART Recovery. Legally speaking, the BC & APAC charity has a non-exclusive license (or legal permission) from the US to develop and promote SMART Recovery in this country and online. We work very closely with the US team and have cross representation between the boards.

Like most charities, we are also registered as a company limited by guarantee. This legal structure means we operate for the benefit of society and do not have shareholders, but the Board of Trustees and volunteers have some legal protection if something goes badly wrong.

The SMART Recovery movement has the support of a renowned International Board of Advisors which includes many of the most influential and important researchers and psychologists in the field of addictions.