10 Confidence Building and Anxiety-Reducing Rational Beliefs

1. Just because things are not succeeding today does not mean I’m a “no-hoper” or that I will not succeed in the future.

2. While it is very desirable to achieve well and be recognized by others, I do not need achievement or recognition to survive and be happy.

3. Mistakes and rejections are inevitable. I will work hard at accepting myself while hating my mistakes and setbacks.

4. My performance at work – perfect or otherwise – does not determine my worth as a person.

5. Things are rarely as bad, awful, or catastrophic as I imagine them to be.

6. I accept who I am, even though I may not like some of my traits and behaviours.

7. There are many things about me that I like and do well (enumerate them).

8. I have done many things at work successfully in the past, I will succeed in the future.

9. I am intelligent and talented enough to learn what I have to do and how to do it in order to accomplish my goals.

10. I am confident that everything will turn out okay given that I have my goals, know what to do, and work hard.


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