10 Rules for Happiness

1. Don’t blame others for making you unhappy! Take responsibility for makingyourself happy.

2. Give yourself permission to make yourself happy – even if in so doing, others make themselves unhappy.

3. Make time for yourself to do things which bring you pleasure and enjoyment in the short-term without sacrificing your long-term goals.

4. Do things for others and your community without expecting anything back in return.

5. Sacrifice short-term pleasures and put up with short-term discomforts when it helps you achieve longer-term gains.

6. Accept the fallibility of others as well as yourself.

7. Don’t take things personally.

8. Take healthy risks even when you might fail at things at work or in your personal relationships.

9. It doesn’t matter so much what people think about you and what you are doing.

10. See uncertainty as a challenge – do not be afraid of it.


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